FREE!! to download SEND family trails

line drawing cartoon of a woman and two children (one is a wheelchair user) next to a museum case with stuffed animals in it. The child in the wheelchair has his arms outstretched mimicking the stuffed bird in the case with its wings outstretched.

Follow our museum cat Mew on adventures around your site and discover different ways to explore and engage with your collections. These SEND family activity sheets have been created by Martin Crowther and Sam Bowen, with illustrations by the artist Charlotte Firmin. They are free to use, but please do not charge for them at your site. They form part of the bigger SEND in Museums project funded by Arts Council England.

They are broad enough to be used in all museum or gallery settings and cover a wide range of themes. They are in Word format so you can alter them to meet your needs and are free to use, yes really! Plus they are copyright free for you to add your brand logo to if needed. You can upload them to your own website for families to download and we suggest you also print off some for use on site. Why not use all those that work with your collection and make a guide or range of options for families to choose from?

There is also a PEC’s symbol sensory trail for non-verbal or symbol users which is in a PDF format and cannot be altered due to copyright from Widgit. This may be downloaded and used as it is freely within your setting. The symbol feedback board can be used as is without alterations to gain visitor feedback from symbol users.

Before a visit, families may want to use this guide and activity –

How to use this guide

Make your own Explorer’s Kit

After a visit, they may want to use these –

Feedback feelings symbols

Send a Postcard

See the activity sheets listed here –

Alphabet Spaghetti

Amazing objects

Animal Safari

As Still as a Statue

Building detective

Create a Mini Museum

In the Frame

Investigating Paintings

Let’s Pretend

Museum trail generic, symbols

Museums Shapes

Nature Detectives page

Oldest Smallest Bumpiest Tallest!

SEND guide to Museums Shapes page

Sensory Tour



Treasure Hunt

Thank you to Leeds City Museums and Galleries, The Royal Pavillion and Gardens, Brighton and The Powell Cotton Museum, Kent for trialing the activity sheets with local SEND families.