Why work with SEND?

In this section, we’ll explore why SEND inclusion in museums is important and why this work makes a difference not only for children and young people, but for their families, friends, and peers, as well as staff working in museums.

This section also discusses the legal obligations of museums to be accessible public spaces and the impact they can make on inclusion within their local communities. This is your go-to section if you need convincing or need the information to convince someone else that welcoming this audience matters! This section will answer the question “Why bother?”, which we know remains a barrier to developing better access to culture for this audience.

If you are responsible for running a museum, managing and delegating it’s budget, please do read these two blogs to understand why this work matters:

Remember that the fluff of life is the stuff of life

Cultural Institutions and neurodiverse children

Before you go on any further, please take 10 minutes to watch this advocacy film and learn the importance of becoming a SEND friendly organisation