How to work with SEND

We know that for many people and organisations, this work may be new and a bit daunting. It’s something we’re committed to helping you with because the benefits of SEND inclusion to visitors and the well-being of your staff are huge.

Our best advice is to simply start somewhere and build up your offer along with your confidence. You’ll be surprised how intuitive and “commonsense” the suggestions are for making your museum more SEND-friendly, and it’s worth remembering that improving access for SEND children and their families improves access for everyone. Did we also mention how fun it is?

There are many suggested activities that will also be attractive to adults with learning disabilities and to people with medical conditions such as dementia. Symbols and signs for nonverbal children will also be an asset to nonverbal adults who have lost their speech due to illness, such as stroke. Any family navigating your museum with a pushchair will benefit from access adaptations for wheelchair users. We will suggest practices that are inclusive and make a museum visit easier or more enjoyable for all.

We have arranged the guidance on how to engage with SEND into two sections: Getting started for those just starting out and Developing your SEND offer further for museums that have the basics and are ready to do more. We also have a section on museum facilities as some may want to focus on improving that area.

So, grab a coffee and jump in! Your commitment to making your museum SEND-friendly is important. Thank you for being here!