Object handling

Assortment of small old objects on a wooden table top

How to make a SEND object handling box

Being able to touch or handle artefacts is an important element of a SEND visit.Here are some ideas of the kind of objects that work well.Use real objects where possible, but replicas are fine if not.

Take inspiration from your own collection and develop ideas for these resources in partnership with SEND families and schools.

  • Tactile, colourful, unusual objects
  • Clockwork items or automata
  • Try on costume or hats
  • Fossils and dinosaurs (bones, teeth and coprolites)
  • Archaeological finds
  • Natural history specimens – shells, colourful minerals
  • Objects that make a sound
  • Smelly items or those that make a sound (check with teacher)
  • Animals (soft toy animals)
  • Historic toys and games