Art and Craft box

Pipe cleaner art in shape of ammonite

How to make a SEND art and craft box

Safe, open-ended and creative play is an important element of SEND-friendly school and family visits.

Use high-quality multi-sensory materials which are appropriate to your audience.

Include items with different colours, textures, sounds and smells that can be used for art, collage or 3D modelling.

These can be used as part of both school and family visits. Make sure that a selection of art and craft resources are available in the galleries at all times or independent use by families.

The following items work well and can be bought from most educational suppliers

  • Easy grip crayons, chalk, pens, and child-safe scissors
  • Child-safe paints and paint brushes
  • Paper and card, including patterned, textured, gold, silver and iridescent
  • Coloured foam sheets and coloured maize
  • Pipe cleaners and lolly sticks
  • Wiggly eyes and mini bells
  • Relief foil and coloured acetate
  • Printing blocks/stamps and ink
  • Modelling clay, self-hardening clay
  • Felt and feathers
  • Beads, ribbons and stick-on jewels
  • Natural items – shells, driftwood, leaves
  • Fresh herbs (but not lavender)
  • Aprons, wipe-clean table/floor covering